Miciosegone Games was an indie project born in Italy in the far 2008, when Pietro Turri, after several attempts to make a graphic adventure, was finally able to release "Dovadula's Burn", a free graphic adventure game made

with Adventure Games Studio 2.7.


In the following years the Miciosegone team, formed by the brothers Pietro and Claudio and with the support of the English translator Paul Giaccone, created several free games with RPG Maker and Adventure Games Studio.


The first success of the Miciosegone arrives in 2012 with the Nomination of

"A Cat's Night" as "Best European Adventure" in the European Games Award 2012, subsequently the game has accumulated tens of thousands

of downloads.


In 2013, Miciosegone released "A Cat's Night 2: Orazio goes to town"

and "The Path of the Pumpkin", the last two graphic adventures of

the company that obtained several nominations at the AGS Awards 2013.


After the release of her tenth game, Miciosegone Games was hibernated, because real life and its responsibilities have taken over.


In 2015, Miciosegone Games enters in the world of boardgame with two free print'n'play games, the skirmish wargame "Pondemonium", and the card game "Yokai".


Now, in 2016, Miciosegone Games is ready to come back for make high quality classic graphic adventure games for you!