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GENRE: Point and click adventure

RELEASE DATE: 30/08/2010



Space Hunter is a sci-fi cartoon adventure game with a classic point-and-click interface. It uses a verb-coin system for the interaction. When a character or an object are clicked, a coin interface appears with the actions "talk", "use" and "look".




Kolt is a bounty hunter and now he is in the great Trashopolis, a huge agglomeration of blue buildings surrounded by a rough desert. His problems begin during a typical working day, when an evil person blames him for the great escape from the space prison. Now Kolt is wanted and he must leave the city. Only in the desert he can find the help he needs, offered by the legendary bounty hunter Scar the Pumpkin.





If the game have problem after push New Game button, open the winsetup file and change the graphic filter or graphic card option.

If the game don't run or freezee change the resolution instead a window in the winsetup file.


In computer with non latin characters (russian, greek, japanese..) the game can't find the correct path of the savegames and they can't be loaded in-game. For resolve this problem right-click on the .exe of the game, choose proprieties, compatibility and set the .exe to run in compatibility mode for windows 98, apply. Now the game find the savegames.




Use the winsetup file for switch to "default language"(italian) to "english translation".




Scripting - Claudio Turri

Graphic - Claudio Turri, Pietro Turri

Story - Claudio Turri

Music - Bjorn Lynne, Kevin MacLeod

English Translation - Paul Giaccone

AGS Engine - Chris Jones team

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