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GENRE: Shot'em up platformer

RELEASE DATE: 12/08/2012



Oxymous Prime is a hybrid between a shot'em up and a platform game, developed with RPG Maker VX and released with a freeware license.




The player controls Oxy, a famous bounty hunter. Oxy's current mission is to save a rare bird kidnapped by the groulen poacher Borden. Borden is hidden in a groulen Mothership and Oxy must break into the ship and fight an army of robots and soldiers to complete his mission. After the third mission, the story moves into a unknown planet where Oxy must pursue Borden among dangerous creatures. The story mode has nine different missions.









Graphic - Pietro Turri

Scripting - Pietro Turri

Story - Pietro Turri

Creazione del personaggio di OXY - Claudio Turri

Beta-Testing - Natan, Andrea Ferrara, Claudio Turri

Music - Kevin MacLeod

RPG Maker VX engine - Enterbrain

Tomoaky Platformer script - Tomoaky

Tomoaky Platformer translation - Leo

Plug n Play minimap script - Woratana

Neo Save System VI script - Woratana

Windov Huds Var script - Sojabird


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