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TREX and Muscle SAM big trouble in SPF

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After years of doubts and second thoughts this project has finally started, thanks to a special person who gave me the courage to try again.


TREX and Muscle Sam is probably the most underrated Miciosegone adventure and they deserve another chance.


I worked for two months to release a demo about the prelude of this new game and it's almost ready to be published, the only thing missing is the english translation but we're already working on that.


This new game is a reboot of the original adventure game.


It will broaden the universe created in "Big Trouble in SPF" and the "TREX and Muscle Sam" comics, featuring a new story with both old and new characters.


The demo is just a brief game of three rooms that shows the beginning of the story and the potentials of the full game.


A few days after the demo release we're going to launch a Kickstarter project to help fund the game.


I will explain why we chose to use Kickstarter directly on the project funding page.

For now I hope you're going to wait impatiently to play the demo.


I'm leaving you with this comparison between the old and new TREX and Muscle Sam adventure. 


trex and muscle sam big trouble in spf a new kickstart!